338 Lapua Brass - Phase 2 Assessment

Special Thanks to Nosler, Hornady, Kinetic and Peterson Cartridge Company for Participating in our 2018 338 Lapua Brass Comparative Assessment.

Phase 2 is our Range Test of each brand.

The 12 most consistent pieces are selected from our Phase 1 test for each brand.

After some quick load development work, we will pick the best bullet, powder and primer combination.

The 12 best cases from each brand will be loaded with the exact same components, seating depth, etc.. and fired (round robin style through a chronograph) and the results will be logged, compared, photographed and published on our site.

We acquired a brand new Savage BA 110 Stealth in 338 Lapua.

Mounted up our Leupold Mark 4 Rifle Scope in 8.5x25x50 with the excellent LaRue Tactical mount.

Once our load testing is complete, we can begin Phase 2 

We also received two boxes of Nosler Custom 250 Grain cartridges we've be including in our head to head comparison. Check back for this report. I think we'll see some really great groups from this excellent combination.