Provided by Graduate - Gregory Mueller

"I recently participated in the NRA Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading course at Red Dot Arms Training Academy in Lake Villa, Illinois.  I first took this course in the Spring of 2021. I got a few of my hunting buddies super-interested in reloading so when they enrolled for the Spring 2022 session I went back for a refresher.  Even if you’ve been reloading for years, the instructor, Dave Johnson has so much experience you can count on learning something new.  In addition to thanking Dave, I sent him the following note regarding one of the relatively simple tips he shared."

Greetings Dave.  I wanted to share with you that the dryer sheet tip made a huge difference and I used it for more than just the powder hopper and pan.

Here is data showing how the consistency improved 263% when I wiped the used dryer sheet in the hopper, internal meter, gate, and chute of the powder dispenser and inside of the Lee Powder Thru Expanding Die.  It did a lot more than just reduce the static in the plastic hopper.  Powder would hang up on other parts in one dump, but then come loose on the next, creating a LOT of variation.

With 15 loads tested, the averages matched and almost on my target of 5.4gr, but the variation on the first run was horrible. The right column was AFTER I wiped things down with the dryer sheet.

THANK YOU AGAIN for that simple TIP!