Intermediate - "Go beyond the book", (Long Range - Precision Reloading)(8 Hours) (enhanced accuracy)(requires Intro or proven prior reloading experience) $300.00

Interested in long range precision shooting or hunting? Did you buy a precision rifle in 6.0 or 6.5 Creedmoor, 308, or another super accurate cartridge, If so, you will quickly realize that factory ammo isn't going to deliver on your rifles potential. Ammunition that is customized and optimized  exclusively for YOUR rifle is the answer. This is the course that will take your shooting to the next level.

The Intermediate course is designed to build upon the Introduction to Metallic Reloading course skills. We will teach you how to design and build cartridges that optimize the accuracy for your specific rifles chamber! You will be taught how to apply tools that measure and adjust for head space, run-out, overall length, case-head separation, neck tension, full length sizing vs neck sizing and much more.


Students will receive the Version 2.1 Intermediate Reloading ​Manual, developed by this instructor. It's over 90 pages of ​in depth instruction and topics needed to produce top ​quality precision rifle ammunition. All graduates will receive ​the Reloading Lab certificate of completion.

*Course requires a minimum of 2 students to hold the class


​Learn how the instructor developed .308 Winchester precision tactical ​rifle rounds used to hit golf balls at 300, 400 and 500 yards.