A man laying on the ground with a rifle.

Custom or Specialized Reloading Training

Looking for reloading training that addresses your specific needs?

We can develop and provide specialized training classes for individuals or groups. 

We cover all aspects of Metallic Cartridge or Shotgun Shell Reloading.

Courses we've provided in the past.

  • Dillon Precision Press Training - 1050 and 550. Usage, assembly, adjustments, die conversions, and more!
  • Active US Military - Precision Reloading and Development Testing. Team training with certifications
  • Hunters: safari, Deer, Black Bear, and more. Heading out to exotic places to hunt dangerous game? Want to trust your hunt to factory ammo? Learn how to make cartridges specifically designed for your game!
  • Are experienced reloaders struggling with a specific rifle or calibre? We can help.
  • USA and International Competitors looking to improve their edge and move up in the standings. We've done that.

We can include access to local ranges in any package!!!

Our custom courses do allow for both load development AND actual range testing.

Our students can fine-tune their custom rounds in the morning (at our lab), and test fire in the afternoon.