Advanced (Long Range Reloading)




Advanced (Long Range Reloading) (requires Intermediate course) $400.00 (8 hours)

(Contact us to setup your class. Due to the highly technical nature of this class, the advanced classes are one on one with instructor and extremely hands on!)

The Advanced course is intended for those individuals who wish to obtain the utmost accuracy from their hand loaded cartridges. This course provides one-on-one time with our Master Instructor to discuss the students goals, design a reloading process to meet these goals, correct bad habits, review documentation and record keeping processes.

Example of Topics Covered

  • Precision case measuring
  • Precision case resizing
  • Precision bullet seating
  • Precision die adjusting
  • Brass Annealing
  • Case Neck Turning
  • Logging and Record Keeping
  • Case Inspection – Detailed measurements
  • Run-Out (Case Neck and Bullet) extensive review!
  • measurements and methods to minimize run-out
  • Interpreting your results – and making incremental improvements.

Graduates will receive a Certificate of Completion.


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